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01 July 2018 @ 07:02 pm
Master List of fanworks - [No longer up to date as of 2013, see A03 account for recent fanworks]  
My master fanfiction list, sorted by fandom:


The Compromised Trilogy (completed) - Sam, Jolinar, Daniel, ensemble (PG-13, AU, character drama, adventure)
(300,000+ words, Chapter links here)

Slowly Melding - Daniel/Vala (PG, shippy)
Daniel Jackson: Fatherhood Journal - Daniel/Vala (PG-13, shippy)
Unpredictable - Daniel/Vala (PG-13, shippy fluff)
A Hint of Romance Wouldn't Hurt - Daniel/Vala (PG-13, shippy)
Let No Normal Death Do Them Part - Daniel/Vala (PG, shippy fluff)
Break Through All My Confusion - Daniel/Vala (PG-13, shippy)
Words, Words, Words - Daniel/Vala (PG, shippy)
The Next Generation Has Sticky Fingers - Daniel/Vala (PG, shippy fluff)
She's Like Caffeine Incarnate - Daniel/Vala (PG, shippy fluff)
Plantlife - Daniel/Vala (PG-13, adventure)
What We Remember - Daniel/Vala (PG, shippy fluff)
Words Have Carved On Me - Daniel/Vala (R, shippy porn)
Somnolent - Vala, Daniel/Vala (PG, pre-shippy)
Bohemian Like You - Daniel/Vala (R, shippy porn)
They Come A Tumbling Down - Daniel/Vala (PG-13, shippy)
Another Trope On The List - Daniel/Vala (NC-17, porn)
Retribution - Daniel/Vala (NC-17, porn)
All of the Color Runs Together - Daniel/Vala (NC-17, porn)

Everything else:
Daniel's Chimera - Daniel, Sarah (PG, gen)
Patience - Sam/Martouf (G, shippy angst)
Do Not Underestimate His Subtlety - Vala, Teal'c (PG, gen)
To Observe and Catalogue - Teal'c (PG, gen)
L is for Loyalty - Jacob (PG, gen)
Tempus Fugit Factitius - Vala, Adria (PG, gen)
Untitled ficlet - Vala, Rodney (PG, gen)
H is for Hug - Vala, Daniel, Tomin (G, gen)
P is for Pigtails - Vala, Sam (G, gen)
Knowledge - Daniel/Sha're (PG-13, shippy)
Schemes - Elizabeth, Teyla (PG, gen)
Untitled Sam/Daniel ficlet - (R, porn)
Shaking Things Up - Sam/Martouf (PG, shippy fluff)
After - Sam/Vala (R, porn)
A Medley of Passion and Joy - Jeannie Miller (G, gen)
The Doctor Is Not In - Tamara "T.J." Johansen (PG, gen)
Holding On - Sam/Martouf/Lantash (R, porn)
Home Smells Like Sand - Sam/Martouf/Lantash (NC-17, porn)
Treasure Hunt - Vala, Daniel (G, gen)

Five things ficlets:
Five times Sam almost walked away from SG-1 / Five times someone on SG-1 said "We will never speak of this again"
Five people Cam wants to recruit to SG-1
Five ways things would be different if Charlie lived / Five things Vala remembers about her mother / Five things that happened when the SGC security cameras stopped working / Five emails Jack sends Sam in the earth-to-Atlantis databurst / Five real reasons Sam broke off her engagement to Pete
Five things Daniel would have done in a time loop / Five times Sam was girly  / Five ways the original SG-1 members accept the new ones into their family
Five time Jack and Vala had sex / Five conspiracies about SG-1 that they never knew about
Five memories Daniel got back at inopportune moments / Five secrets Janet carried to her grave / Five times Vala left the base without permission
Five times Sam didn't end up involved with someone from Earth / Five things Daniel wants to do before he dies (for good)
Five missions Jacob/Selmak went on that he didn't tell Sam about / Five ways members of SG-1 become parents

Battlestar Galactica:

Meet Your Storm (completed) - Kara/Sam, Kacey (PG-15, drama)
(64,000+ words, Chapter links here)

Storm Clouds Mask a Beloved Moon (completed) - Kara/Sam, Kacey, Julia Brynn, Paulla (PG-15, angst)
(22,000+ words, Chapter links here)

Waltzing With Destiny (completed) - Kara/Sam, Lee, Tory, Ellen, ensemble (PG-15, drama, adventure)
(41,000+ words, Chapter links here)

Till Your Dreams Hold Mine (completed) - Kara/Lee, Zak, Boomer, Cylon ensemble (PG-13, angsty drama)
(26,000+ words, Chapter links here)

Insanity Has Us United (completed) - Kara/Caprica, Kara/Sam, Caprica/Baltar (PG-13, fpreg, crackfic)
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Afterward/One Year Later

Black, White, Grey (completed) - Tory/Cylon!Cally (PG-13, character drama)
Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4

Metallic Grey (sequel; completed) - Tory/Cylon!Cally (R, character drama)
Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4

The Drum Beats Out of Time - Kara/Sam (R, shippy angst)
Babysitting Hera Agathon - Kara/Sam (PG, shippy)
A fight post-Taking a Break - Kara/Sam (PG-13, shippy)
Saccharine - Kara/Sam (PG, shippy fluff)
Adventures in Fail!Domesticity - Kara/Sam (PG, shippy fluff)
On the Wings of an Angel - Kara/Sam (PG-13, shippy fluff)
Our Minds Sadly Lost Leave Us Drifting - Kara/Sam (R, shippy, hatesex)
Breaking in the Afterlife - Kara/Sam (PG, shippy)
The Pieces That You Broke Me Into - Kara/Sam (shippy angst):
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Unraveling Pieces - Kara/Sam (PG-13, shippy)
Leave Me Alone I'm Lonely - Kara/Sam (PG, shippy angst)
End of the Line - Sam, Kara/Sam (PG-13, angst)
Spare Me Over Til Another Year - Kara/Sam (R, angst, rough sex)
New York Intrigue - Kara/Sam (PG-13, fluff)
Roleplay - Kara/Sam (R, porn)
Holiday Traditions - Kara/Sam (R, shippy)
Ceremony - Kara/Sam (PG, vaguely fluffy)
A Devil's Rules - Kara/Sam (PG-13, shippy fluff)
Magical Free Time - Kara/Sam (R, porn)
Making the Most of It - Kara/Sam (R, porn)
Left Her Marks - Kara/Sam (PG-13, angst)
Commentary - Kara/Sam, Adama (PG-13, crackfic)
A Reason To Change - Kara/Sam (PG, shippy drama)
Marriage Is What Brings Us Together Today - Kara/Sam (PG, shippy)
No One's Fearless - Kara/Sam (PG-13, shippy angst)
My Hands For Yours - Kara/Sam (PG-13, angst)
Oh the Things That We've Done - Kara/Sam (R, shippy angsty porn)
Cold Feet - Kara/Sam (PG-13, shippy)
Better Is the Enemy of Good Enough - Kara/Sam (PG-13, shippy)
The Grass is Always Greener - Kara/Sam (PG-13, philosophical crackfic

Everything else:
Linger - Kara Thrace (PG, gen)
Faithfully Unfaithful - Quad of Doom (R, shippy)
Burning Love Come Crashing Down - Lee, Kara/Sam (PG, crackfic)
Beautiful Stalker - Twilight/BSG crossover (PG-13, crackfic)
We're Not Groupies - Kara/Sam/Zak (R, porn)
The Mind is More Than Identical Numbers - Leoben (PG, gen, angst)
Drink With Me, Sleep With Me - Kara/Athena (R, shippy, fluff)
Locked Doors - Caprica/Boomer (R, shippy, angst)
War Scars - Kara (PG, character study)
Serious Business - Kara, Sharon (PG, fluff)
Charmed, I'm Sure - Kara, Adama (G, gen)
Special Kind of Tactics - Kara, Helo (G, fluff)
The V. Secret Diary of Samuel T. Anders (PG-13, crackfic)
Terra Verde - Kara, Sam (PG, gen)
The Unfeeling Power of the Tide - Kara/Leoben (R, shippy)
Eyes Wide Open - Hera, Natalie (PG, gen)
Lost in Space on a Desert Island - Kara, Boomer, Dee, Cally (PG-13, action/adventure, gen):
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Play it Again, Sam - Sam, Ellen, Saul, Six, Daniel, Eight (PG, mostly gen)
Following the Ways of the Land - Boomer, Kara (PG, gen, AU)
No Desire For New Streams - OC!Two, OC!Eight (PG, gen)
Sharing Holiday Cheer - Kara/Lee, Kara/Zak (PG-13, shippy fluff, AU)
Lain Aside - Dee/Leoben (R, shippy fluff porn)
Mnemonics - Kara (PG, gen)
The Times They Are A-Changing - Gaeta, Sam, ensemble (PG-13, gen)
Persona - Sam/Jean (PG-13, shippy character study)
Sometimes We Turn To Laughs To Hide - Sam/Dee, ensemble (PG-13, shippy character study, AU)
Liquid Insanity Runs Through Our Veins - Kara, Ellen (PG-13, gen, AU)
A Different Again - Kara, Kacey (G, gen)
Marked and Chosen - Kara, OFC (PG, gen)
Remixes - Kara, Kat, Hot Dog, Helo (PG, gen)
When Backs Are Turned - Kara, Helo (G, gen)
First Meeting Commander Adama - Tamara Adama, BSG ensemble (PG-13, gen, AU)
Conclusions of the Insane - Kara/Leoben (R, porny)
West Wind Moves Upon The Fields - Caprica/Gaius (PG, shippy)
Ever Been With a God Before? - Kara/Lee (R, porn)
Dee and the Terrible Horrible No-Good Very Bad Babysitting Experience - Dee, Gaeta, Hera, Nicky, Kacey (G, mostly gen)
Strange Brew - Cally, Jean (PG, gen angst)
Obey - Cain/Kendra (NC-17, porn)
Whimsy - Caprica/Gaius (PG, fluff)
Inconceivable! - Caprica/Gaius (PG-13, fluff)
Interference - Tory, Leoben (G, gen)
Looking At You Now, You Would Never Know - Lee, Gina (PG-13, AU, angst)

Meet Your Storm - Kara/Sam, Kacey (PG-13, character drama)
Magical Free Time - Kara/Sam (R, porn)
And The Night Is All We Have Left To Hold - Julia Brynn, Kacey, Paulla (PG-13, angst)
Why? - Kacey, Sam Anders (PG, gen)
Sneaking Past Time's Toll-man - Kara/Sam (R, porn)
Storm Clouds Mask a Beloved Moon - Kara/Sam, Julia Brynn, Kacey, Paulla (PG-15, angst)

Pornbattle 2 roundup #1 - Kara/Sam (R, porn)
Pornbattle 2 roundup #2 - Kara/Sam/Lee, Caprica/Sam, Tory/Leoben, Sam/Lee (R, porn)
Pornbattle 2 roundup #3 - Tory/Galen, Kara/Sam/Lee/Dee, Kara/Dee, Kara/Sam (R, porn)
Pornbattle 2 roundup #4 - Kara/Leoben, Kara/Sam/Lee, Lee/Paulla, Kara/Sam (R, porn)
Pornbattle 2 roundup #5 - Kara/Helo, Sam/Dee (R, porn)
Pornbattle 3 roundup - Kara/Sam, Kara/Lee, Kara/Kendra, Kara/Helo, Kara/Zak, Kara/Sam/Lee, Kara/Sam/Helo/Athena, Lee/Sam, Cally/Kaylee Frye, head!Baltar/pornbattle contributor, Sam/Dee, Jean/Seelix, Dee/Sam
Pornbattle 4 roundup - Kara/Sam, Cally/Tory/Sam, Kara/Sam/Lee, Tough Six/Shelley Godfrey, Dee/Lee/Sam, Kara/Leoben, Kara/Head!Six, Sam/Jean
Pornbattle 5 roundup - Kara/Sam, Caprica/Gaius, Kara/Leoben, Lee/Kendra, Kara/Sam/Lee, Tory/Saffron
7 BSG kink drabbles - Kara/Sam, Kara/Leoben, Sam/Tory, Sam/Dee, Kara/Baltar, Caprica/Gaius
2 BSG drabbles - Sam&Romo, Kara/Sam
Rare pairing ficlets - Cally/Boomer, Kara/brunette!Six from "The Plan, Lee&D'Anna (among other fandom ficlets)
Meme prompt ficlets - Cally/Boomer, Gaeta/Hoshi
Untitled Kara/Lee ficlet - (R, porn)
Untitled Kara/Lee ficlet - (R, porn)
Entertainment - Kara (PG-13, gen)
it might be called an oxymoron - Kara (PG, gen)
it's not just a flip of the switch - Tamara Adama (PG, gen)
Believe in the Disaster - Tory (G, gen)
Clueless - Kara (PG-13, mostly gen)
10 Things canon didn't tell us about Samuel T. Anders
10 Things canon didn't tell us about Leoben Conoy
10 Things canon didn't tell us about Anastasia Dualla
10 Things canon didn't tell us about Kara Thrace
Five people who taught Kara something about love
Four people Kara doesn't regret frakking and one she's not sure about

Legend of the Seeker:


No Fate But What We Make (completed) - Cara/Kahlan, Denna, Shota (R, angsty shippy AU)
88,000+ words. Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8
Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13a, Chapter 13b, Chapter 14, Chapter 15

Hide your face so the world will never find you (completed) - Kahlan/Darken, Dahlia, Garen, Rahl children (NC-17, angsty AU)
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18

The Twelve Days of Rahlmas

Simmering Words Behind Words - Cara/Kahlan (PG, angst)
No Sleep Tonight - Cara/Kahlan (R, shippy porn)
Just Hold Me A Little Tighter - Cara/Kahlan (R, shippy porn)
She Hides From The Dark Now - Cara/Kahlan (PG, fluff)
Best Laid Plans - Cara (PG, gen)
Kill Some D'Harans and Then Love Me - Cara/Kahlan (PG, shippy)
Untitled ficlet - Cara/Kahlan (PG, shippy)
We'll Sleep When We're (Not) Dead - Cara/Kahlan (PG-13, shippy)
This Was Not Supposed To Happen - Cara/Kahlan (PG-13, shippy fluff)
Loving Her is Like Straightening Curls - Cara/Kahlan (PG-13, shippy)
Crossing Borders - Cara/Kahlan (R, kinky porn)
I'll Be Here When the Dust Has Cleared - Cara/Kahlan (PG-13, shippy angst)
Don't Let Me Get Me - Cara/Kahlan (PG-13, hurt/comfort)
Restored - Cara/Dahlia, Cara/Kahlan (PG, episode tag)
Only Forget the Fear For the Moment - Cara/Kahlan (R, porny fpreg)
To Turn - Cara/Kahlan (R, AU torture porn)
Love Game - Nicci/Kahlan (R, porn)
It's All Fun and Games Until... - Cara/Kahlan (G, fluff)
When the Lights Go Out You'll Understand - Cara/Kahlan (R, angsty torture)
Life Comes With a Rush - Cara/Kahlan (PG-13, shippy)
Where Goodness Used To Be - Cara (G, gen)
She Never Liked Losing a Battle - Cara, (PG, gen)
Been a Long Long Journey To Get Here - Kahlan (PG, gen)
You May Be a Sinner But Your Innocence Is Mine - Richard/Darken (NC-17, AU, porn)
No Borderlines Drawn Between Us - Cara/Kahlan (NC-17, kinky porn)
Poker Face - Kahlan/Dahlia (R, porn)
Pirate Code - Kahlan/Darken (PG-13, AU)
Stripped - Kahlan/Darken/Denna (NC-17, AU)
What a Duet - Cara/Kahlan (PG-13, AU)
Paradise Lost - Cara, Richard (PG-13, AU, gen)
What Rich Desire Unlocks Its Door - Kahlan/Darken (NC-17, porn)
Truth is Grey - Kahlan Darken (R, angst, porn)
Wicked - Cara/Kahlan (NC-17, porn)
Lessons - Denna/Jennsen (NC-17, AU, porn)
This One's To The Death - Cara/Kahlan (R, AU, shippy porn)
You Let Me Complicate You - Kahlan/Darken (NC-17, kinky porn)
Ask Me No Questions I'll Tell You No Lies - Cara/Kahlan (NC-17, AU, porn)
Falling For The First Time - Denna/Jennsen (R, porn)
The Right Words - Denna/Richard (NC-17, darkfic)
You've had some of the best times you'll never remember with me (Alcohol) - Cara/Kahlan (NC-17, porn)
What a Wonderful World - Cara/Kahlan/Richard (NC-17, porn)
Teasing and Follow-Through - Denna/Cara (NC-17, porn)
Perfectly Good at Being Bad - Cara/Kahlan (NC-17, AU, porn)
We Just Want To Be Whole - Richard/Darken (NC-17, AU, porn)
Handle Me - Cara/Dahlia (NC-17, porn)
How May I Serve You - Nicci/Kahlan/Richard (NC-17, AU, porn)
Innocence is a Lie - Kahlan/Denna (NC-17, AU, porn)
I Miss the Rush of Your Skin - Cara/Richard (R, porn)
An Important Lesson - Cara/Richard (NC-17, crackfic, porn)
Unrelieved - Cara/Kahlan/Dahlia (PG-13, fluff)

Cara's Army - Cara, team (G, crack)
Untitled ficlet - Cara/Kahlan (R, porn)
Untitled ficlet - Richard/Cara/Kahlan (R, porn)
A Shared Future - Cara/Kahlan (PG, AU)
Human - Cara/Dahlia (PG, AU)
Mistress - Cara/Dahlia (PG-13, shippy)
Messy - Cara/Dahlia/Leo (PG, AU, crack)
Thunderstorms - Cara (PG-13, gen)
Never To Tell - Cara/Dahlia (PG-13, shippy)
Untitled - Cara/Richard (NC-17, porn)
The Third One Between - Cara/Kahlan/Dahlia (NC-17, porn)
Play You Like a Violin - Walter/Kahlan/Darken (NC-17, porn

Game of Thrones/ASOIAF:

A Seed Planted in Snow (completed, 48,000+ words) - Sansa/Tyrion (PG-15, futurefic, drama)

What do we say to the god of death - Sansa (PG, AU, gen)
Brave New World - Sansa, Arya (PG-13, gen)
Black Lions - Sansa, Tyrion (PG, AU, gen)
No Matter How They Toss The Dice - Ned/Catelyn (R, angsty shippy porn)
Living For Nothing - Joffrey (PG-13, darkfic)
Falcon's Song - Sansa (G, angst)
We Are Strangers and Rebels - Renly, Margaery (PG-13, character development)
A Flutter of Wings - Sansa/Margaery (G, fluff)
Rain God - Renly, Stannis (G, gen)
A Night on Bear Island - Dacey, Jeor, Maege (G, gen)
Lionesses - Joanna and Genna Lannister drabble (G, gen)
Ghosts of the Past - Renly/Loras (PG, angst)
She Loved a Maid - Sansa/Margaery (PG, futurefic, fluff)
The Dregs of Power - Shae, Sansa (PG-13, character development)
Tully-Red Fur - Brienne, Jaime, Sansa (PG, crackfic)
Us Against the World - Sansa, Tyrion (PG-13, gen)


Lost in the Background - Simon, River (PG, angsty drama)
5 chapters, link leads to FF.net
Crew, But Not - Simon, River (PG, character drama, adventure)
14 chapters, link leads to FF.net
Untitled ficlet - Mal/River
Tick Tock Goes Death - River, Jayne (G, gen)
10 Things canon didn't tell us about Inara Serra


Everyone Has a Lazy Afternoon Sometimes - Olivia, Astrid (PG, gen)
Self Control - Olivia/Alt!Olivia (R, porn)
what the weather calls for - Olivia, Ella (G, gen)

Better Off Ted:

Momentarily Distracted - Linda/Veronica (R, shippy porn)
For Scientific Purposes (Obviously) - Linda/Veronica (PG-13, shippy)


On a Blade's Edge - Ellen, Jo (PG-13, gen)

Doctor Who:

Starry Starry Night - Donna Noble (G, gen)
Mummy - Amy/River (R, kinky porn)
Stupid Face - Amy/Rory (PG, fluff)
Go To Bed, Ponds - Amy/Rory (PG-13, fluff)

Star Trek XI:

Words Like Strawberries - Nyota Uhura (G, gen)

Original Work:

One Step Away - sci-fi TV show pilot


I wrote a lot for both The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion, but it's some of my first posted fanfic ever...so the quality is questionable. Should you be curious, though, it's all on my page at FF.net here


Commiseration in the Basement - BSG/Stargate SG-1 crossover (PG, gen w/ mention of ship, meta, crack)
Not Your Usual Believer - BSG/Stargate SG-1 crossover, Daniel and Kara (PG-13, gen
Crossover rare pairing ficlets - Sheppard&Mitchell&Leoben, Vala/D'Anna (among other fandom ficlets)
As We Fight For Our Minds - Kara/Sam, BSG/Stargate SG-1 crossover (PG-13, angsty drama)
Part 1, Part 2
Sanity What? - Ellen Harvelle/Ellen/Tigh, BSG/SPN crossover (R, porn)
Universally Odd Notions - Daniel, Vala, Kara, Sam, Ellen Harvelle, SG1/BSG/SPN crossover (PG, crack)
We're Always Gonna Be Legendary - Kara/Sam, Cara, BSG/Legend of the Seeker crossover
Untitled ficlet - Mal, Kara, Firefly/BSG crossover (G, gen)
Intuition Gone Right - River Song/Cara, Doctor Who/Legend of the Seeker crossover (PG-13, shippy fluff)
They're Definitely Those Kind of Friends - Cara/Ronon, Legend of the Seeker/Stargate Atlantis crossover (NC-17, porn)
Do All The Nothing You Want - Kahlan/Jo, Legend of the Seeker/Supernatural crossover (NC-17, porn


BSG: Sleep Deprivation (33 episode-based vid, to "I Need a Nap")
BSG: Count on Me (Kara/Sam vid, to "Count on Me")
BSG: Why Do You Love Me (Kara multiship, to "Why Do You Love Me")
BSG: How to Survive (or not) a BSG Marriage (Kara/Sam and all other canon marriages, to "Another Love Song")
BSG: Planetside Caprica—The Trailer (AU of "The Plan")
SG-1: Vala's Quiz (Daniel/Vala, to "The Quiz")
BSG: I'm Not Here For Your Entertainment (Cally/Boomer/Tory to "U and Ur Hand")
Firefly: Fireflies (River Tam to "Fireflies")
BSG: Welcome To My Life (Boomer to "Welcome To My Life")
BSG: This Ain't No Ordinary Love (Cylons, to "No Ordinary Love")
BSG: I Can't Decide (Kara/Leoben, to "I Can't Decide")
BSG: I'm Still Free (Kara, to "Mal's Song")
LotS: It's a Love Story (Cara/Kahlan, to "Love Story")
LotS: Ricardo (Cara, Richard, to "Alejandro")
Zoe: SHEP.caramel_monkey on December 12th, 2009 07:46 am (UTC)
I need to make one of those fandom table things!
campylobacter: Qeteshcampylobacter on April 6th, 2010 11:13 pm (UTC)
I'm looking at your fandom character/ship table, and am laughing at 2 things:

1: Harry Potter is also my non-favorite character in the HP fandom.

2: Luthien is one of your non-favorites??? But wasn't she your default icon for ages?
Merry Fivanolix on April 6th, 2010 11:27 pm (UTC)
2. Still is, actually. *grins* To be honest, that opinion was more when I was part of the Silmarillion fandom and it was all "BEREN/LUTHIEN OTP OF ALL TIMES!!!!!", and they were squashing my minor-character love. Looking at her now, I actually like her quite a bit.
campylobacter: SEX GODcampylobacter on April 6th, 2010 11:46 pm (UTC)
I totally get how OPT shipper wankery can drive someone to resent their 1st 'ship!

The Mulder/Scully wanks in The X-Files fandom made me discover the delights of slashing Mulder/Krycek and increasing my interest in minor characters such as the Lone Gunmen and the Cigarette Smoking Man. I still like Mulder/Scully, but it's because I can see them through the points of view of other characters that makes their relationship richer in their 'verse.
M: The women of BSG > canonmfirefly10 on September 7th, 2010 07:22 pm (UTC)
Our opinions on BSG, LotS, and the Stargates are very, very similar :) And anyone who loves female characters (especially the under-appreciated ones), femslash, and rare pairings the way you do is clearly made of awesome.

SO...for all of those reasons + your fic/meta...may I friend you?
Merry F: cally prettyivanolix on September 7th, 2010 08:48 pm (UTC)
Absolutely! :-)
M: Dee/Hera = adorablemfirefly10 on September 7th, 2010 10:52 pm (UTC)

Aw, Cally...why so adorable? :)
Merry F: dee softivanolix on September 7th, 2010 10:57 pm (UTC)
Cally's adorable because she's just that awesome. Sad that Ron forgot that.
M: Athena/Kara (textless)mfirefly10 on September 7th, 2010 11:03 pm (UTC)
Silly, Ron...It's like that time he forgot abot Dee's awesomness and decided to kill her...you know, for plot reasons. :(
Merry F: boomer angstyivanolix on September 7th, 2010 11:04 pm (UTC)
Oh yes. And Boomer, and Tory, and Racetrack, and D'Anna.
M: boomer iconmfirefly10 on September 7th, 2010 11:09 pm (UTC)
THIS! Poor D'anna...her suicide mostly gets overlooked because it followed Dee's and hers was just so brutal...But part of me thinks D'anna survived 'cause she was pretty crafty when need be.

Of course in my head!canon, they all survived and continued to be awesome. They also got to interact with one another so...very different from the actual canon :)
Merry F: shelley godfreyivanolix on September 7th, 2010 11:16 pm (UTC)
Yup! In my head!canon, Tough!Six had her own resurrection ship to save everyone but Dee and Cally, who just bonded on the Other Side.
M: BSG = Baltar/Six KLGmfirefly10 on September 8th, 2010 03:10 am (UTC)
I ♥ Tough!Six!

Ooh...did Cally & Dee get to play pyramid with Kara & Sam? 'Cause Other Side pyramid would clearly PWN everything! And Racetrack & Gaeta & Barolay could be there too, right?!
Merry F: dee amusedivanolix on September 8th, 2010 03:51 am (UTC)
Oh totally! The fic I was thinking about writing focused on all the "dead" Cylons being resurrected on Tough!Six's special ship and them going back to the Colonies to find the other resistances that never got rescued - so I didn't spend a lot of time thinking about the Other Side antics, but yeah, of course. ;-)
M: Trucco + Trish are adorablemfirefly10 on September 8th, 2010 08:11 am (UTC)
Sign me up as someone who would LOVE to read that fic! :)
imelda72: angstingimelda72 on September 28th, 2010 02:24 pm (UTC)
Wait..... You dislike Ron, Harry and Hermione???
Merry Fivanolix on September 28th, 2010 02:41 pm (UTC)
Pretty much, yeah
imelda72imelda72 on September 28th, 2010 03:17 pm (UTC)