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03 May 2012 @ 12:32 pm
Fic crossposting  
Some things I've written in comments or on Tumblr recently, mostly ASOIAF/Game of Thrones short fics, a couple LotS kink meme fills.

Title: Rain God
Summary: Maester Cressin cares for the Baratheon boys. Renly, Stannis, gen, G.
Read here

Title: A Night on Bear Island
Summary: Jeor and Maege are interrupted. Dacey, Jeor, Maege, gen, G.
Read here

Title: Lionesses
Summary: Joanna and Genna Lannister drabble. Gen, G.
Read here

Title: Whenever Robert doesn't show up for the Small Council meetings...
Summary: What it says on the tin. Script-form crackfic. PG.
Read here

Title: Ghosts of the Past
Summary: Renly tells Loras about his childhood. Maleslash, PG.
Read here

Title: She Loved a Maid
Summary: Sansa/Margaery in the open fields. Futurefic, femslash, PG.
Read here

Title: I Miss the Rush of Your Skin
Summary: Cara finds Richard on his own with her agiel. Smutfic, R.
Read here

Title: An Important Lesson
Summary: Kahlan's away and Richard and Cara are browsing the kink meme. Crack, smutfic, R.
Read here

Title: The Dregs of Power
Summary: Shae and Sansa don't have a good relationship. A quickly written fic set after 2.03, because I love both these characters too much and I don’t even know. Intersections of class and gender and character development. PG-13.
Read here

Title: One of Old Nan's Tales
Summary: A cracky crossover drabble involving Brandon the Builder and...you'll see. Brandon the Builder plans to build The Wall.
Read here

Title: Tully-Red Fur
Summary: Brienne rescues Sansa and returns to Jaime, but there's a problem. Crackfic, PG.
Read here